What is Glover Grown

We sell our plants with pride under the Glover Grown brand name. By consistently setting the HIGHEST STANDARD OF QUALITY in the business and offering a great mix of interesting and unusual plants, Glover Grown has become the most respected and sought after plant brand in our market area.

We are not a factory nursery. Our plants are grown in small batches and tended with great care. They are grown with longer production cycles to ensure full, well-rooted plants. We do not force plants into early bloom; rather our plants grow in sync with the natural cycle ensuring a toughness that forced plants do not have. We dedicate extra time and resources to utilize a multitude of techniques ensuring all plants get the best treatment. The benefit of all this extra effort? Plants that are more successful in the landscape.

Our efforts to provide excellent plants do not end with our growing practices. When orders are pulled they are triple checked to ensure our high quality standards are consistently met. Not only is our shipping crew well trained to pick the very best plants and their work double checked by our shipping supervisor, but our sales team does a third and final check. Our philosophy about quality is simple: top quality plants sell faster and offer greater customer satisfaction. Our reward for our efforts is a sense of pride and customer loyalty.

Our philosophy about what we grow

From our beginnings we have always maintained a strong focus on offering the unusual, the underutilized and the never before seen in the trade plants. We are passionate plantsmen and women with a strong desire to expand our plant palettes as well as our customers’. It is not enough though to simply offer the latest “hot” varieties. The history of recent plant introductions is littered with numerous poor performers that were heavily promoted as the next greatest thing. We take a more measured approach to the “latest and greatest” and rely more on our own judgements based on in-house trials and feedback from our customers when selecting new plants to offer.

Our farm in Cutchogue, NY – the sunniest town in the state.


We guarantee 100% satisfaction on all plant orders.
Just call us within 2 days of receipt to arrange for a full credit or replacement.

Our Label

We strive to help you sell more plants by attaching custom labels with detailed information to each plant we offer. Our labels act as “silent salesmen”, answering key questions regarding plant characteristics, growing conditions and how to use them in the garden. Educated customers are more confident and more likely to purchase plants.

Our labels are also bar coded for your convenience.

Custom Price Label

We also can provide a separate pressure-sensitive label with your company name and retail price.